How To Avoid Social Media Mistakes That Destroy Your Brand And Ignite Lawsuits

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Due to the economic impact of COVID-19 on businesses, I'm lowering the prices of both my online social media liability course, and social media policy update course.
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If You Bury Your Head In The Sand  Thinking You Don't Need My Expert Online Course Because Your Attorney Will Clean-Up Social Media Mistakes, Or Your Insurance Substitutes For Expert Social Media Law Training, You Are Leaving Yourself Open To Lawsuits That Destroy Your Brand And Personal Finances.

""In Mark's class, I not only learned what I didn't know, but was amazed to find out what I did know was wrong." -Louis Carnell, Administrator, Hillsborough County, FL

In-House Attorneys Agree, They Don't Qualify In Court As Social Media Law Experts And Can't Deliver This Type Of Specialized Training To Their Employees...
Today's attorneys are like doctors, they are specialists. Your business attorney will be the first person to tell you, attending a number of seminars doesn't qualify you as a social media law expert. In court, a business owner looks foolish trying to convince a judge or jury that they ignored outside expert training because they thought their business attorney had the same expertise as a 30 year digital media law specialist. 

"Great program. Being aware of the hidden liabilities not discussed in other courses saves your public image, and big legal fees."
- Cindy Reid, Attorney, Davidson, NC

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" Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz provided information that was much more detailed than anything I've received in the past, including specific cases. He shines a bright light on the need for more in-depth education to avoid liability in social media situations."
- Jan Zimmerman, Administrator, Raymore , MO 

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It's great to believe in yourself, but it's dangerous to claim your properly trained when your not.

"Awesome course. This is some of the best digital media liability training I have had in 15 years of public service."
-Tyrone Phelps, Winston Salem, NC

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Courts Reject These Excuses To Avoid Expert Training...
"We can't afford expert training."
"We haven't been sued"
"Our attorney keeps us updated."
"Our association keeps us updated."
"We gave verbal warnings."
"We handed out a policy."
"Our insurance covers us."

"Very informative and much more in-depth level
than my previous social media training."
- Sue D., HR Director, Lancaster
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WATCH THIS VIDEO: Under new federal laws, social media is classified as a "high liability" platform.  Courts find employers negligent for asking  employees to become  brand ambassadors without expert social media liability training.

"Mark's social media liability course is much more detailed than my previous training.
He doesn't sugarcoat anything, and he is a great instructor. 
- Eddie Lans, Realtor

99% of social media policies and training programs fail in court because they are
too vague and omit key issues. To close hidden gaps, the you must include 
broadcasting and publishing legal issues, not just employment law issues.

"Mark, this was a thought provoking class. Your expert strategies
on social media law will end up saving my career."
- Debbie Elmore, South Carolina School Board Association, SC

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As A Former Television Anchor, I Also Know How To Communicate And Connect With You

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Scroll Down To Uncover 5 Social Media Myths
That Destroy Your Brand And Trigger $500,000+ Lawsuits

Myth #1:  My business attorney will train us and handle all social media problems.

Reality: There is very little an attorney can do to mitigate the damage after a harmful post or tweet becomes a permanent digital footprint that can be viewed by millions. The average social media lawsuit is $500,000+.

"I have been in school communications for 16 years and this was fresh information I have not heard before. Your liability strategies gave me a diffferent perspective."
- Tim Lussier, Moore County Schools, NC

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Myth #2: We give our employees verbal warnings, about social media, that's good enough.

"This program was a wake-up call and can save your career."   - Kristian D., Colts Neck, NJ
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Myth #3: We stand on firm legal ground advertising to our employees that we are "skilled" social media marketing professionals.

Reality: . When you say your staff is skilled in social media marketing, it infers to the consumer that your marketing and branding are legally safe. Therefore, if you have no documented proof that your employees received outside expert social media liability training, that is an omission of a material fact and violation of FTC Section 5 Deceptive Advertising law.

"Mark, this was an eye-opening course that blew away any past social media training I received."
- Peter Nickischer, PIO Berks-Lehigh Regional, PA

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Myth #4: We don't need to train employees, our insurance covers employee mistakes.

Reality: Most courts adjudicate social media claims as intentional or malicious, not accidental. Insurance can exclude claims that involve intentional conduct. Even if your claim was covered, your insurance premiums will skyrocket.  Also, many insurance companies are pushing employers to do more specialized social media law training.

"Mark, your course was like purchasing a one million dollar insurance policy." 
- Bryan Macy, Winston Salem Police Department, NC

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Myth #5: An employer isn't liable for what an employee does off-duty on their personal device.

Courts determine liability based on work-place content, NOT who owns the device , whether the employee was off duty or on duty, or where the message was sent from. 

"Mark, excellent course. The risks are too high to use social media without this type of expert training." -Philip B. Williams, FL

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Whether You Approve Or Not, Social Media Is Here To Stay. Employees Are Your Biggest Brand Ambassadors And Engage In Social Selling.  My Online Course Creates A Legal Shield Around...

>  Employee personal stories about the workplace
> Employee personal pictures, memes, videos
> Employee live streaming, podcasts, memes
> Employee personal referrals for job openings
> Employee personal reaction to product reviews
> Employee personal opinions on current events 

"Attorney Fiedelholtz took social media training to the next level. This course is a must for all organizations."  - Brian Stoolhoff, FL

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Our "No Fluff" Guarantee

If your looking for slick videos with a lot of fluff, this course isn't for you and your employees. However, if you are looking for content-rich videos, podcasts, and webinars that protect your business, this course is definitely for you.
Special Limited Time Price $79 per person (Save $20) 
Group Price: Call 954-748-7698

"I recently completed the online course from Social Media Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz and felt that it was a great value for the price. I would highly recommend this course."
Jeremiah Jones, CEO, Bosco, Legal Services Inc.

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> No Travel No Overtime 
> No Scheduling Headaches
> Learn At Your Own Pace
> 24/7 Access

"I'm glad this type of specialized training was offered.
It was well worth my money and time."

- Chief Brett Railey, Winter Park Police Department, FL

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Good luck telling a judge you couldn't afford $79 or less for a group rate to give your staff expert social media law training.

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How It Works

> You have one year to finish the course.
> The course includes six modules.
> Each module is around one hour.
> You can retake the module quizzes.
> You have 24/7 access to the course and updates.
> You can email course content questions.
> Participants receive a course completion certificate.
> Fast technical support to resolve problems. 
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"Mark, I had no idea how much legal exposure my organization and I had personally until attending your course." George D. Casaletto, Keyport, NJ

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Employers Use My Online Course To...

> Differentiate themselves from the competition as legally smart social media users and marketers that won't drag customers into lawsuits.

> Prove in a lawsuit that all employees received expert social media liability training.

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Over 30,000 Business Professionals Were Pleasantly Surprised That They Would Receive So Much
Expert Information For The Price.

"Thank you so much for this excellent online course. I got so much out of this course for such a low price. I now look on Social Media so differently. You opened my eyes. Every broker and agent should take this course to be safe from all lawsuits that may happen as a result from NOT taking the course."
Joanne Murray, Realtor
Sanderling Real Estate, FL

"Mark, I recently completed your online course. The value of the content compared to the price point is outstanding. The format of blending case law, real scenarios, and commentary, is excellent. I feel good about using this program to train my entire staff. I will recommend this course to others."
Chief David McCoy,
University of Richmond, VA

"Just a quick note to tell you this is an awesome course! You have a great platform and video resources for your students and I am enjoying learning and progressing
at my own pace."

- John Temblador, Remnant Investigation, CPI, CPIA Social Media Chairman, Private Investigators Association Of Idaho

"Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz proved today that if you don't have a social media law expert train your employees in social media legal risks, you put your employees and your organization at risk."

- Craig Dispenza,
Freehold Boro , NJ

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