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How To Avoid
Social Media Liability
Online Course

Presented By Nationally Recognized Social Media Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz
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Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz Explains Why Specialized Social Media Liability Training Is So Urgent For Small And Big Business Professionals.

Legal Warning
It Doesn't Matter If You Are A Small Or Big Business, New Federal Training Standards Require That Employers Give All Employees Expert Social Media Liability Training. If You Don't Comply, An Employee Will Make A Mistake And You'll...


The U.S. Supreme Court and lower courts rule that social media is a "high liability" legal topic. You must give employees expert social media liability training.

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It's Not If Your Employee Makes A Social Media Mistake, It's When...

Every employee has the broadcasting power on social media to destroy a person's reputation world-wide. Courts reject replacing specialized social media liability training with verbal warnings or short lectures by busy in-house attorneys who aren't social media law experts. Business owners  are held personally liable for failing to give all employees expert social media liability training when the need was so obvious.
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Employees, especially millennials, use personal devices for work without much oversight. Courts establish an employer's liability on work-related content, not who owns the phone or being off-duty.

This test is used in depositions and in court to reveal that despite the obvious need, your employees never received expert social media liability training. 

Mark, I not only learned how much I didn't know, but was amazed to find out what I did know was wrong. Great class."
- Division Chief Louis Carnell, Hillsborough County, FL

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Online Course Preview
Our "No Fluff" Guarantee

If your looking for slick videos with a lot of fluff, this course isn't for you and your employees. However, if you are looking for content-rich videos, podcasts, and webinars that cut through the "legal mumbo jumbo", this course is definitely for you and your employees. The strategies are designed for non-lawyers and are easy to apply. 

Video Course Overview
Detailed Course Outline
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"Mark, your program was great. Being aware of the hidden liabilities not discussed in other courses saves you
big legal fees and your image." 
- Attorney Cindy Reid, Davidson, NC

How It Works

You have one year to finish the course. 
The course includes six modules. 
Each module is around one hour.
You can retake the module quizzes. 
You have 24/7 access to the course and updates.
You can email course content questions.
Participants receive a course completion certificate.
Fast technical support to resolve problems.

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My Powerful Course Gives You Proof That Your Employees Received Expert Social Media Liability Training

- Defeat negligent training and other costly lawsuits.
- Differentiate your business as smart on social media law.
- Use it to assure clients that you care about their liability.

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Over 30,000 Business Professionals Believe My Online Course Was The Best Investment They've Ever Made To Protect Their Career... 

"Thank you so much for this excellent online course. I got so much out of this course for such a low price. I now look on Social Media so differently. You opened my eyes. Every broker and agent should take this course to be safe from all lawsuits that may happen as a result from NOT taking the course."
Joanne Murray, Realtor
Sanderling Real Estate, FL

"Mark, I recently completed your online course. The value of the content compared to the price point is outstanding. The format of blending case law, real scenarios, and commentary, is excellent. I feel good about using this program to train my entire staff. I will recommend this course to others."
Chief David McCoy,
University of Richmond, VA

"Just a quick note to tell you this is an awesome course! You have a great platform and video resources for your students and I am enjoying learning and progressing
at my own pace."

- John Temblador, Remnant Investigation, CPI, CPIA Social Media Chairman, Private Investigators Association Of Idaho

My Online Course Helps You Create A Legal Shield Around All Your Social Media, Texts, Email, And Other Digital Media For The Rest Of Your Career.

"Very Informative. More in-depth than any other social media law course I have taken in the past."
- Sue Dry, HR Director, Lancaster, PA

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Legal Tip: It's not enough to train your communications or social media team. Employees use their personal phones for work-related matters without much oversight. This creates a dangerous training gap. My online course fills this gap and gives you proof that you and all your staff received expert social media liability training.  

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Social Media is a "high liability' activity. Courts reject these excuses to block expert liability training for all employees:

"We can't afford expert training."
"Our attorney keeps us updated."
"Our association keeps us updated."
"We gave verbal warnings."
"We handed out a policy."
"We haven't been sued."
"Our insurance covers us."

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If your instructor doesn't have these expert credentials, your training is devalued in a lawsuit...

- 30 years specializing in digital media law
- Trained over 100,000 professionals
- Written over 150 social media policies
- Former White House television anchor/reporter

Full Bio
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Mark Fiedelholtz 2

With My Online Course, You Don't Waste Time And Money Listening To Instructors Who Aren't Social Media Attorney Specialists And Give Out Vague Or Incorrect Information. 

"Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz proved today that if you don't have a social media law media law expert train your employees in social media legal risks, you put your employees and your organization at risk."
- Craig Dispenza, Freehold Boro , NJ

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> No Travel No Overtime 
> No Scheduling Headaches
> Learn At Your Own Pace
> 24/7 Access

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You Won't Find Our Proprietary "Red Flag System"  Taught Anywhere Else.

Our proprietary "Red Flag System" gives you new skills to identify and eliminate all
"high liability" speech on social media,
texts, email and other digital media.

Single Participant Registration Fee is $47
Call 954-748-7698 for our group rate.

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Testimonials From All Professions

Before And After Testimonials

"Mark, thanks to you, our city manager approved your Social Media and Records Management Policy you did for us. Your assistance in this entire process is greatly appreciated. We look forward to doing future social media policies with you."
- Pat Cabrera, Office of the City Clerk
Las Vegas, NV

" As an Emmy award-winning network news reporter/ producer for over 25 years, I thought I knew everything I needed to know when it came to social media liability. Boy, was I wrong. Mark's class saves me legal costs and possibly my job."
Susan Cingari, PR Practitioner
Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Mark, my administrators felt you were knowledgeable, passionate, and you made the legal issues simple for non-lawyers."
- Linda Haines
Charleston County School District, SC

"Very informative social media class. I would not have known the extent of an employer's potential liability but for attending this class."
- Jonathan T. Lanier
Assistant General Counsel, NC

"Very informative. More in-depth than any other social media course I have taken
in the past."

- Sue Dry, HR Deputy Director
Lancaster, PA 

" I would give this course an A+. No one should be using social media without this important
liability information.

- John Cassata Sr.
Real Estate Agent, FL

Don' Wait For A Social Media Lawsuit To Bankrupt You. Train Your Employees Now 

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